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About Pizza L'Vino

Pizza L’Vino is a tale of two cities and two guys with a life-long passion for pizza perfection.Chicago native Ed Barnett established Houston’s legendary Star Pizza in 1977, which became the city’s go-to restaurant for great eat-in or carry-out pizza. Ed’s partner-in-pizza is New Yorker Barry Gomel, founder of the Houston chain Boudreaux’s Cajun Kitchen. Together, theyare the heart and soul of Pizza L’Vino, a new concept that answers the age-old question, “Can I have wine and beer delivered along with the best pizza?” To which they answer,

“Yeah, you gotta problem with that?” Pizza L’Vino is authentic New York and Chicago pizza made by hand, not by a corporation. You’re not going to find pizzas pumped out on a conveyor belt here. Pizza L’Vino’s recipe for success is simple, serving up authentic New York hand tossed and Chicago deep-dish pizza using only the highest quality ingredients such as Stanislaus vine-ripened tomatoes, Grande ultra-premium Wisconsin Mozzarella and unbleached and untreated flour. Nothing is processed.

Finally, pizza aficionados, your pie has arrived, along with fine wine and cold beer.


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